The Matrix Essay

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Wartenberg addressed the question: “Can philosophy be screened?” (pg. 272) He then used thought experiment as a way that a film can represent philosophy. So what is “thought experiment”? Thought examinations include nonexistent situations in which the audience are asked to envision what things might be similar to if such-and-such were the situation. The individuals who feel that movies can really do philosophy show that fiction films can work as philosophical thought experiments and consequently qualify as philosophical. Wartenberg argues that it some fiction films as working in ways that thought experiments do, and thus they may be seen as doing philosophy. (pg. 276)
He uses Wachowski Brothers’ 1999 hit, “The Matrix” as his example. The film addresses part of a big philosophical question, which is “what is reality?” What we see on screen is a “matrix” itself with the understanding of reality. It successfully illustrates philosophy by “placing the film’s viewer in an epistemic position where they are faced with the question of what justifies their belief that they are not in an anal...

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