The Making of the Golden Age of Children's Literature

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For children’s literature the Golden Age was a time of reform and new beginnings. The Golden Age opened the doors for an interesting read where adults are not present. The literature that was intended for children during this period introduced a world of literature in which children were the protagonist. These stories not only take children on remarkable journeys though time but they also address many issues of social class in regards to children. The Golden Age reflects greatly the Victorian era where children were left to become orphans because their parents could not support them financially or because their parents just did not want them. The Golden age welcomed children into a society that they were once neglected by. It was not until religion rebuked the evil out of children that they became acceptable by society and as a result were allowed to be portrayed in books. Along with welcoming the presence of children to the world of literature, the Golden Age presented the first group of books where children were able to connect and interact with the characters in the book. In making the main characters children, the child reader is entertained by these books. The Golden Age allowed children to read for their mere pleasure instead of reading because they were forced to. Before the introduction of Golden Age Literature children were only allowed to read stories that taught them what manners they should possess and different values and morals that they were to extract in a society that rejected them. Now children were able to read stories that were fun and exiting such as Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh. Golden Age children’s literature focuses on the happiness and showing children the positive aspects of society. The... ... middle of paper ... ... to wake up all the senses of children. When reading these stories children begin to feel, taste, see, smell, and hear the world that the author has created. These senses within the text make children long for more of what the enchanted world has to offer. The authors of these books try to put up a veil in their writing so that it will not show that the child reader’s desire for more is in reality the longing of the author. All in all, the Golden Age was an imperial moment in children’s literature. This literature continues to live on and still be effective reads for children. Today the idea of intexuality exists with all children literature. Although a story might not have been written during the Golden Age period all children literature has adapted from this period and as a result they all relate to each other in some way. No book in this genre is left alone.
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