The Main Disagreements Between the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties

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The Main Disagreements Between the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties

The three main parties in UK politics, Labour, Conservatives and

Liberal Democrats, are all based on greatly differing ideologies which

can often lead to them having varying viewpoints on key issues. These

differences can often lead to conflicts or disagreements between the

parties over which policy will be most beneficial to the country.

A particularly controversial and fiercely contested issue is the role

of the United Kingdom in the future of the European Union. The Labour

party are often considered to be pro-Europe although their policies do

tend to keep Britain's interests at heart. Their priorities for Europe

include the expansion of the EU by increasing the number of member

states, the forging of better relations with non-members such as

Russia, the Ukraine and other former Soviet Union states and whilst,

remaining pro-single currency, Labour insist that five economic

conditions must be met before the UK enters into membership of the


In contrast, the Conservative party are traditionally anti-Europe and

their policies reflect this. They are strongly opposed to further

European integration as proposed by Labour and are fearful of Europe

becoming a single super state. In 1998, Conservative party members

voted on whether to adopt a policy which was in favour of joining the

single currency. The fact that 60% were opposed to it shows how

strongly the party feel that the idea of EU integration is an outdated

idea. The Liberal Democrats are the most pro-Europe of all of the

major parties, however, they do have priorities which focus on they


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Liberal Democrats tend to live up their name with policies based on a

more free and open society that everyone can enjoy. Labour have

steadily moved closer to the centre of the political spectrum and

their policies reflect this with their attempts to retain national

sovereignty whilst attempting to make society a much more comfortable

place. The Conservatives are currently undergoing a period of change

which has seen them adopt policies and ideologies which move the party

away from Thatcherite capitalism although their some of their policies

have not always adequately shown this. It can be argued that such

disagreement maker politics too adversarial and not very proactive.

However, without these disagreements, governments would remain

unchecked and therefore conflicts between parties do increase voter


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