The Loveless World We Create

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Is there any sign of real love in this world? What is love? The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a book of two lovers separated because of the expiation of money. Then, because of envy and lack of love in the world the death of a character was true. The lack of love shown within all the characters evidentially led to death. A loveless world has no “happily ever after” ending.
In the novel, “The Great Gatsby”, numerous examples in the novel portray a loveless world Jay Gatsby lived in. Gatsby was turned down time after time after time with Daisy Buchann. The love between them was parted due to lack of money on Gatsby’s part. Furthermore, from then on Gatsby longed to be with Daisy till he was killed, protecting her. Gatsby was so touched by Daisy to the degree that he would go as far as the moon to know she does love him. In Chapter 6 when Gatsby and Tom scuffled he wanted Daisy to tell Tom herself that she never loved him, but she wouldn’t, thus destroying Gatsby’s heart. Gatsby would tell himself that Daisy loved him, just to make his heart feel warm. Gatsby speaks to Tom, “She never loved you, do you hear? She only married you because I was poor and she was tired of waiting for me. It was a terrible mistake, but in her heart she never loved any one except me!” (Fitzgerald, 130). Gatsby was treated in a manner that love was uncharted, blocked by money and lust of others.

Nick, too, ever laid eyes on the happily ever after ending in his part of the novel as well. Throughout this book Nick’s memory of Jordan fades away into the dark and forgets about the feelings Jordan has with him. In chapter 3 Jordan tells Nick that she does in fact like him, and he tells the reader that he in fact is not in love with Jo...

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...much created.
The happily ever after ending may not have been shown in this novel, but Daisy and Tom do show a hope of love as magnificent as a grain of sand in all the loveless pieces Gatsby and Nick so much as volunteer for. In a loveless world a happily ever after ending doesn’t show fully, but sometimes it may show a glance, a figure, a hole, that does portray love. Throughout this expansive, plentiful novel trail loveless signs that are portrayed through Daisy, Nick, and Gatsby. These sweeping signs do, in fact, show us a loveless world which these characters were living by way of. This loveless world which these characters created, this non “happily ever after” ending they created, was brought upon themselves because of their own choices, physical and mental.

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