The Love of Romeo and Juliet

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The Love of Romeo and Juliet "It is primarily the love between Romeo and Juliet that makes the play

so enduringly popular"

The play Romeo and Juliet is about how two people fall in love with

one another. I think that this is a good basis for a play and probably

one of the most important reasons why the play is so enduringly

popular. However, it is not the only reason that makes the play Romeo

and Juliet such a great story. There is fighting and quarrelling,

tension and humour. There are many contributors that make the play so

popular, not just the love aspect. There is beautiful language and

imagery, lots of effective contrasts and different moods that run

right throughout the play. The idea of black and white is echoed

throughout the play with the love and hate theme.

The families Montague and Capulet are not at war but have an "ancient

grudge", because of this there are many conflicts between the servants

and family members. These conflicts or fights bring a lot of tension

and excitement to the play. There are several fight scenes, one at the

beginning, middle and end. As they are spread well throughout the play

it always keeps the excitement going. The dialogue is quick and

dramatic. The fight at the start between the servants of the families
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