Romeo and Juliet

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Love is often perceived as something perfect and flawless in today’s society. However, Romeo and Juliet, a play written by William Shakespeare, portrays love as a form of passionate and violent force that comes with both rewards and consequences.The tragedy focuses on two young lovers called Romeo and Juliet, whose families are intertwined in an ancient feud that disrupts the peace in Verona, Italy. For love, the two teenagers are driven to overcome obstacles they will never imagine doing, and as a result, they along other family members are forced to pay the price of their lives. Through the play Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare exhibits the reality of young love through the portrayal of the Queen Mab Speech, the impulsive actions taken by both lovers, and the results caused by the powerful nature of their love. Through Mercutio’s portrayal of Queen Mab, it depicts the reality of Romeo and Juliet’s delusional love. After Romeo reveals his apprehensive feelings of his dream, Mercutio also begins to unveil his ‘dream’ of the enchanting fairy called Queen Mab. At first, his description of Queen Mab seems to just be an innocent dream of fantasy: “O,then I see Queen Mab hath been with you/... and she comes/ In shape no bigger than an agate stone...Tickling a parson’s nose as he lies asleep” (1.4. 58- 85). Although Mercutio seems to be depicted simply as a witty character who constantly makes comedic puns throughout the play, he is also shown have intellectual insight that Romeo lacks. Little does Romeo know that the dreams Queen Mab bring also refers to the naive, myopic dreams Romeo has about Rosaline (1.1. 226-232), a woman who he perceives to be his everlasting lover. He is reinforcing the naive mindset of Romeo’s visions of love, bu... ... middle of paper ... ... portrays the reality of love’s intoxication. The Queen Mab Speech accentuates the difference of the fantasy that Romeo and Juliet imagine to be living in and the reality of their young love that Romeo and Juliet are oblivious to. The two are unknowingly being intoxicated by their own love, which causes them to make rash actions as they gradually depart from the world of reality. The love becomes so overpowering to the point where the lovers are willing to end both of their lives in order to preserve their love. Despite the tragic end of the lovers, the feud between the families does cease to an end, further displaying the riveting force of love. Through the portrayal of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare conveys that in reality, young love is not as dainty as what most perceives it to be; it is often delusional, intoxicating, and it results in both rewards and tragedies.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how shakespeare's romeo and juliet portrays love as a passionate and violent force that comes with both rewards and consequences.
  • Analyzes how mercutio's portrayal of queen mab depicts the reality of romeo and juliet’s delusional love.
  • Analyzes how shakespeare depicts the nature of young love as intense and overpowering through romeo and juliet's encounter with friar lawrence.
  • Analyzes how shakespeare depicts the compelling force of infatuated love through the deaths of romeo and juliet and the tranquillity established by the montagues and capulets.
  • Analyzes how shakespeare portrays the reality of love's intoxication through the queen mab speech, romeo and juliet’s encounter with friar, and the climatic end of the lover’
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