Analysis Of Shakespeare In Love

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The film Shakespeare In Love is a very complex but straightforward plot. Where William Shakespeare was mandated to compose a play right at the moment when his imagination was minimal. Frustrated and looking for inspiration, he met a beautiful lady with the name of Viola de Lessups bumping his creativity giving birth to the so famous play “Romeo and Juliet.” The set of the events along with the actions Shakespeare and Viola take and the reactions they produce form the narrative of the film a long with the mise-se-scene made out of the movie a hit in Hollywood by capturing the attention of the audience with the combination of different artistic choices.
The structure of the film is defined with in the first quarter of the movie, Shakespeare
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In the film Shakespeare In Love the theme of the movie, in other words the climax is when Viola is discovered and everybody know that in reality she is a woman and not a boy and that William knew from the begging and is pointed out by a boy. At this moment in the movie the audience is thrilled, maybe even biting their nails of anxiety, screaming at the screen as if they were right there on the screen, taking deep breaths and sighting after witnessing the dramatic scene, they are totally engage with the story wondering what the resolution of the plot will be. After all they decided to let Viola participate and the entire conflict was resolved after the play was over to which the queen Elizabeth she settled that the play “Romeo and Juliet” does present the “truth and nature of love.” Always the resolution to of a story is all the issues have been solved and we see the impact the decision made had on the conclusion of the…show more content…
Every scene and the order in which they are place has a reason, a film can be put together by recording a multiple shots that take into account different elements. For example when Viola was for first time in front of an audience where outfit told the audience who she was and the importance she had at the movie event with not having to say a word yet. She was wearing a golden gown that made her stand out from everybody and everything else in the shot, it also made her look more feminine and delicate but at the same time important and strong. Costumes are the ones who tell the story behind each character with out the need of flash backs, and their personality without even having to act out or spoken. A set is a controlled environment where everything needs to be in its right place to convey the emotions the director want the audience to feel and see the thing he want them to see. Again the in the same shot when Viola was in before the audience for the first time, the Nurse was in a gray scale color blending in with the columns in the middle of the
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