The Lords of Tikal by Peter D. Harrison

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Shrouded in mythology and mystery, and frequently solely the focus of academic and archaeological exploration, the ancient Maya remain relatively misunderstood by contemporary culture-one needs to look no further than the endless array of alarmist 2012-centric texts that topped last year's best-seller lists, or commercialized salves and potions touting antiquated Mayan cures, to experience the general misconceptions about the remarkable civilization first­ hand. Peter D. Harrison's text, The Lords of Tikal: Rulers of an Ancient Maya City, seeks to make accessible the history of this ancient society through examining the impressive civilization that evolved and thrived at the city of Tikal. Discovered in the 1850' s, the site is Guatemala's most-visited tourist attraction, and reached apogee during the Classic Period, circa 200 to 900 AD. The text, augmented by dozens of impressive photographs, maps, line drawings and charts, appeals to both the layperson and Mayanists alike though revealing the otherwise dense and complicated fmdings of both the University of Pennsylvania and...

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