The Location of One's Home and the Impact on Lifestyle

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With snow in the north, heat in the south, an ocean on both coasts; there are people residing in all parts of America. Each pf there parts being diverse in every way. Different transportation systems, different food sources, and different landscapes. These are all vital things needed for people to succeed in everyday tasks. The lifestyle a certain person leads is also a factor in where they live. Family, school, or personal reasons play part in that decision. Or for political and jobbing opportunity. The environment that you live in is of importance to the lifestyle which you live. Since the beginning of human migration, chiefs would move their tribes where there needs were met. When their food sources began to run low, or the climate affected them, they would move to a more prosperous area. In Mid-Western America, there are fields of wheat, corn, cotton, and farms filled with animals. This is clearly where someone in the farming industry would live. It wouldn’t be beneficial for a framer to live where his crop might freeze or perish in the heat. Fishermen also live in convince of...
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