The Life of the Great Playwright and Poet William Shakespeare

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The Life of the Great Playwright and Poet William Shakespeare

In his world he was know throughout the land as a very talented writer and actor. He often performed for Queen Elizabeth and many of her royal court. Back then he did not know that his fame would extend farther than his home country. Levi Fox states:

There is no other writer, poet, dramatist, scholar, artist, or man of the theater who enjoys such universal veneration and popularity. Admiration of Shakespeare unites all peoples, irrespective of language, politics, or religion. There is not a single civilized nation that does not read, translate, study, perform, and enjoy the plays of Shakespeare (Fox 7).

William Shakespeare's father came to Stratford-upon-Avon as a yeoman farmer from the nearby town of Snitterfield. Once he and his wife, Mary, were settled in Stratford, he set up shop as a craftsman and merchant. On October 3, 1561, he was given one of the two jobs as chamberlain, which dealt with the town's property and finance (Honan 8).

There they began their family with the birth of their first child Joan who died shortly after her birth. Their second child, Margaret, who was born on November 30, 1562, also perished about four months after her birth. Then along came their third child, and first son, William. William was thought to be born on April 23, 1564. This is the accepted date of his birth, because in this time period they did not keep records of birth dates. However, they did keep records of the baby's baptism, and this normally happened three days after the birth of the child (Mr. Shakespeare and the Internet).

As we can all tell, William had some sort of education, but what kind and to what extent is still in question today. In the town of Stratford-upon-Avon there was a school, named The King's School, built around the time of William's birth. By the time he was ready for schooling, his family was high enough in the social class to send him. In conclusion to this it is thought that he attended this facility to better his education, but there have never been records found stating that William was ever a pupil at this specific school house (Mr. Shakespeare and the Internet).

In November of 1582, the Shakespeares began to notice their son William's relationship with Anne Hathaway.
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