The Life of a Welder

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Have you ever wondered how was those big ships was made? How was the cars we drive in our todays lives mad, or how the pipeline was started? The career that is being wrote about today is welding. Welding is when you join together metal pieces by heating using a blow torch, electric arc, or other means, and uniting them by pressing and hammering. What’s interesting about welding is how structures are built when you are welding. Welding uses a lot of art and designs that amazes you. The topic I’m discussing today is welding. Welding has been relevant in the United States since 1919. Harvard professor Comfort A. Adams founded the (AWS) American Welding Society in 1919. Welding began in the Bronze Age, during the Iron Age the Egyptians and people in the eastern Mediterranean learned to weld pieces of iron together. In 1881 French scientist Augustus D. Merlins succeeded in fusing lead plates by using heat generated from an arc. During the 1890 one of the most popular welding methods was carbon arc welding. In 1900 Strohmenger introduced coated metal electrode. It’s a coated lime which helped the arc be much more stable. P.O. Nobel invented atomic welding in 1920. Atomic welding was used for repairing and modeling metals. Meedith developed a new type of welding in 1941. The gas shield metal arc welding or GTAW was another significant milestone in the history of welding. The most recent process of welding was developed in Russia called laser welding. To obtain a career in welding you have a few steps to attain. It will take at least two decades in order to obtain a career in welding. You must complete the criteria for graduation and achieve your high school diploma or equivalent to begin. Next, it is imperative that you complete ... ... middle of paper ... ...ld highways, vehicles and road signs and other vital equipment use for daily travel. Welders build houses, hospitals, buildings and other constructions that we use daily. In conclusion, welders are essential to building the needs and wants of everyday life. Without welders, houses would be feeble, and less likely to withstand the sever elements of nature. Ship, cars, buses, airplanes and other forms of transportation including bicycles would fail to exist. Even the roads and bridges we travel only daily would be none prevailing. Welders also help protect the United States by building elements of warfare such as war ships, weapons, barriers and barricades. Welders build the entertainment portion of life as well, amusement parks, malls, sports arenas, and movie theaters are just a few. So welders are more essential and economically needed than some people know.

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