The Legal Drinking Age Of The United States

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The Need For Change For countless years, the legal drinking age, as well as the legal driving age, has been debated. Problems such as underage drinking, binge drinking, and drinking and driving are only a few of the many issues faced among teenagers. The U.S has done little to try to control these issues that are happening every day. The United States is constantly evolving and so should its laws. Much has changed since these laws were established decades ago; It is time to create laws that are more up to date with the current way of life. Ultimately, lowering the drinking age to 16 and increasing the driving age to 18 would create numerous benefits for the citizens of the United States. One of the main advantages of changing these laws would be the responsibility that would be demanded of teenagers. By lowering the legal consumption of alcohol to 16, teens would be given the chance to learn proper drinking etiquette. Teens this age drink anyway; make it legal and impart knowledge of responsible drinking. At age 21, young adults hit the bar scene and new drinkers tend to abuse their new legal rights. If it were lowered, teens would still be under parental consent and supervision. This could lead to teens drinking at a more controlled pace, possibly starting with a beer or a glass of wine at dinner and working their way up to know their limits and restrictions. By doing so, adolescents would know their limits before having access to driving. David Hanson, a sociology professor from the State University of New York writes regarding the subject, “Europeans are very intolerant of their peers who become intoxicated. They think it is stupid, unacceptable, and that’s true throughout most of Europe. Many critics attribute that to Euro... ... middle of paper ... ...many more years is it going to take until the government realizes it is time to adjust the driving and drinking laws? Lowering the drinking age to 16 and increasing the driving age to 18 would lead to a plethora of benefits for the citizens of the United States. How many more fatal accidents and irresponsible drinkers is it going to take before changes are made? If the United States continues to ignore the hazards of teen driving, in addition to the dangers associated with uneducated drinkers, problems will only continue to become worse. It is time for people to realize that a lower drinking age could benefit America in many ways. Furthermore, increasing the driving age will save numerous lives and keep irresponsible drivers off the roads. It is impossible to know whether it will work unless the U.S gives it a try. Lives are at stake; the need for change is upon us.
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