Underage Alcohol Abuse

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Underage Alcohol Abuse The Story of My Search “Have you been stealing liquor from your aunt ?” my mother asked me while we were in the car on our way home. Her face looked disappointed and worried when she asked me. This is a question most teens would have feared if they heard it come out of their parents mouth but i knew I didn’t do it so I was fine. I never thought my mother would actually ask me this question hence that fact that i am under the legal drinking age but, liquor was disappearing from my aunts house and it is only right to have suspicion that the teenager did it. I didn’t like how they just suspected me of doing it just because i am a teenager. Now every time i go over my aunts house they like to keep a closer eye on me which i find so annoying because i didn’t do anything but i don’t fuss i just let them do what they do. Alcohol isn’t my cup of tea and it won’t be anytime soon but most teens do drink before they are supposed to so i guess i do understand their suspicion. I already knew some of the minor effects of drinking alcohol such as it clouds ones judgment or can cause you to pass out. I also already knew one reason why people drink which is to help escape the stress and pain of reality. Most teens start to drink early for that reason also because of peer pressure or just for the fun of it. One last thing I knew from seeing this with my own eyes is that alcohol can ruin ones life by abusing it. Since i was being accused and questioned about drinking alcohol it made me wonder what is so special about alcohol? They seemed to be more worried about me drinking it and having the liquor than the liquor actually being gone. Why were they so concerned? This made me want to know more about underage drin... ... middle of paper ... ...gers can be lectured about the consequences of drinking all day long but, if those consequences aren’t being put into action then they aren't going to take what is being said seriously. In conclusion, underage drinking should never be something that is praised but, it should be looked down upon and should be avoided at all cost. Parents and guardians need to step in to help put a stop to underage drinking. Listen to what their child has to say be there for them when they need someone. The media needs to be more careful of what they put out. Young people need to be more aware of the effects of drinking to help save their lives. More consequences need to be se into place to help get into young peoples minds that underage drinking isn’t ok and it never will be. Alcohol should never be something to turn to for comfort it can ruin lives especially at a young age.
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