The Legacy of Ronald Reagan: The Fortieth President of the United States

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The fortieth elected president of the United States is none other than the great Ronald Reagan. Reagan left a legacy behind him and still to this day is considered one of the best presidents to serve our nation . Throughout Reagan's life he accomplished many great feats such as being a two-term president, film and television actor, radio announcer, and the governor of California
Ronald Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois to Jack and Nelle Reagan on February 6, 1911. Reagan’s father was a salesman and storyteller while his mother was very involved with the church. Reagan's’ father nicknamed him “Dutch” due to his fat little dutch boy appearance. Reagan and his only sibling, Neil, grew up together living in different cities around Illinois. Ronald Reagan was very involved in high school where he developed a liking to acting, sports, and storytelling. After high school Reagan went to Eureka College to study economics and sociology. Reagan’s high school interests carried on with him to college as he joined a fraternity, became a cheerleader, played football, was captain of the swim team, and voted the student body president. After graduating from College Reagan auditioned to many small town radio stations. He announced at the University of Iowa’s football games and soon with his persuasive voice started announcing for the Chicago Cubs baseball games. Reagan also had a seven year contract with Warner Brothers that threw him into the spotlight. As if Reagan wasn’t busy enough in his early life he decided to take on another project, he enlisted into the Army Reserves.
On January 26,1940 Reagan married for the first time to his co-actress Jane Wyman. Together they had two children Naureen and Christine but unfortunately she died th...

... middle of paper ... 4, 1991 the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library was opened to the public. Reagan also established a scholarship fund on behalf of the newly found Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation. REagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a disease that destroys brain cells. On June 5, 2004 Ronald Reagan died of pneumonia worsened by his Alzheimer's, he lived a long happy 93 years.
Ronald Reagan’s legacy will forever be known and not forgotten. Many scholars agree that Reagan had been the most influential president since F.D.R. Reagan contributed to the victory of the Cold War, he improved the nation’s wealth, and revived faith in the ideology of the government. Although Reagan is now gone his legacy will carry on in our nation for a lifetime.

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