The Legacy Of Lyndon Johnson

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Lyndon Johnson is an intimate, complex and ambitious portrait of a President. He came to office with strong ambitions to emphasize equality for all, to generate hopes for the Great Society, and to reshape his America, but ultimately he withdrew from the political arena where he fought so hard. Johnson’s legacy started with a tragedy and ended with a tragedy: the story began with the cold bullet that went through his predecessor’s head, which enveloped the country with anger, chaos, and mourning, and ended with the deaths of fifty-eight thousand Americans, which threw the nation into tumult. Johnson faced a number of defining moments during the tumultuous 1960s: he advanced the Kennedy legacy, presided over the Great Society, but started the Vietnam War. Johnson’s legacy was very controversial. He achieved a vast expansion in domestic policies through his efforts in constructing the Great Society, and is essentially considered as one of the most successful domestic policy presidents in U.S. history. Nevertheless, his tragic handling in foreign affairs ruined his reputation. The Vietnam War not only dragged his approval rating from “78 percent in December 1963 down to 49 percent in Jan 1969,” but also switched his legacy from a triumph to a tragedy. Nowadays, he is, in fact, most remembered for his failure in the Vietnam War. Admittedly, Johnson’s mistakes in the Vietnam War harmed American deeply. Many claim that his administration has been the worst in the modern-age presidency. Nevertheless, while acknowledging his tremendous accomplishments in domestic affairs, Johnson’s legacy still deserves more respect. On November 22, 1963, Lyndon Johnson was sworn in on Air Force One and became the 36th President of the United States ... ... middle of paper ... ...acks allowed to vote in the South and encouraged blacks to vote and seek elective offices at every level-local, state, federal.” Johnson is the president who contributes to civil rights after President Lincoln. Johnson was very dedicated to build the Great Society for all Americans. He swept social programs in various aspects: education, medical care, civil rights, minority, public television, and food stamps. Johnson’s administration led a strong economic growth. In general, his wide-reaching domestic achievements improved millions of Americans’ lives. Johnson’s has fought hard toward his ambition and domestic advance. Johnson has lifted numbers of Americans out poverty, ensured them fundamental citizen rights, and provided basic health care. His vision in constructing the Great Society and ending poverty should go down in history as an honor along with his legacy.
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