The Late Baroque Style Compared to the Classical Style

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As the late Baroque period morphed into the new period known as the classical period, technological advances and new compositional techniques and ideas created new opportunities for the musicians of the period. The changes allowed for new performance techniques, forms, performance venues, and newly available compositional orchestrations to be improved and evolved into something new and improved for the new period. Starting with the classical era, documentation and musical education became an important topic. The term of musical appreciation started in the Classical period. Patrons from the time wanted to learn more about the music they were listening to. Patrons also started becoming more involved with the music and their composers. Composers became more of a public icon, and people wanted to see the people behind the music. In the Baroque period, the performance venue usually was within churches and courts. These locations were not built to suit instrumental performances, and were more of just a venue to perform more than a designed venue like there is in the 21st century. Starting...

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