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How religious upheaval of the 16th century had an impact on Baroque art.
The late 16th century, was a time for great reform and exciting new ideas in the music world, but it was also a popular time for art reform. In fact, the baroque period was named after a popular architectural style of time which was a french word for . Just as composers were beginning to rebel against styles that were prevalent during the late renaissance, different techniques of art were also being mastered. It was also when European monarchies were attempting to outdo one another by employing composers from their land to their courts where they were basically servants that were to compose music for any requested occasion. Around this time religious conflicts arose such
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The first art form was called Religious Grandeur which is a very extravagant and almost theatrical style of art. It was commissioned by the Catholic counter reformation. There is generally strong emotional content such as depictions of Jesus at the cross or possibly a women lamenting the death of a saint. The second form called Greater Realism was a more realistic style of painting. There was a very intense physical presence of the character being represented in the painting. There was also occasionally the use of animals. All of these elements are some of the key aspects of what we consider to be baroque art today. Both of Grandeur and greater realism were generally painted on large walls or ceilings. Lastly, there was a smaller, less dramatic style that began to became popular and that was easel art. This style was not done on such a large scale like the other styles. This was actually started in Protestant Holland and was known for having a very glossy texture. It was aimed towards not the great wealthy lord of the land but simply the wealthy house owner. This form actually was combined with characteristics of greater realism to create an even more realistic style of painting, common painted subjects include landscapes, flowers, and animals. From this many sub-styles were created, creating different styles and schools such as Utrecht, Amsterdam, and many…show more content…
Many people were trying new, unheard of techniques, breaking rules and styles that were very common in the renaissance time period. Just as music composers were becoming famous for new styles of music artists were as well. While composers had seem to have gotten away from having their influence be completely from the church, it was quite the opposite for art. A clash of religious ideologies inadvertently created one of the most important time periods for art. From this many different styles and schools were created. Some of which are still considered artistic marvels

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