The Kingdom Of Morocco

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The Kingdom of Morocco, which is located in Northwestern part of Africa, this is one of only three Kingdoms lefts on the continent of Africa. This countries Constitutional monarchy ran by a single king, has shown that there have been leaps and bounds of progression. The current king is trying to turn his country into something that more along the lines mimics a democracy, having freedom of expression, and equal rights among citizens. Even the military is comparable to what the United States has, there size is not comparable to our Armed Forces but how they have the military broken down in regiments, brigades, and battalions, and it mimics ours. Their Military would be a combination of our police and Armed Forces put together, carrying similar duties. The country of Morocco has an abundance of rich natural and cultural treasures; they are a plethora of interests that will not disappoint any type of traveler’s interests and desires, Morocco’s diverse country filled with many natural endeavors that would peak any type of interests. This beautiful country is an outdoorsman dream from the mountains you can hike and mountain bike, the lakes for even the amateur angler, and the snow packed mountaintops for the ski trails. Morocco has a copious amounts of different intriguing sites including medieval cities, the Saharan desert, valleys, the seas, and the mountains which where majority of their cultures thrives today. The cuisine of morocco considered one of the best and unmatched culinary that would please any types of consumers. It has reasonably been unchanged for generations with the strong cultures that have lived there for hundreds of years.

Arabic Berbers have been calling Morocco their home since the second millennium B.C. Ro...

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...s. The Free Trade Agreement with the Kingdom of Morocco, they make an excellent ally, which the United States of American can depend on; this would include using their military instillations for a strong hold and a central location for the United States to have a foothold. By placing our Armed Forces in the Kingdom of Morocco, we would have ports for our naval ships, airports for our fighter planes, and places for our ground troops. In addition, with the diverse climate, also with different geography: it would be a fantastic place for our American troops, to get plenty of training in all types of environments, Since there is literally every type of environment that you could possibly train for. The Kingdom of Morocco is an ideal situation for any usage for the United States of America; this is why it would be an outstanding place to imbed our American Forces.

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