The Key to a Child's Wellbeing is a Strong Family Support System

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In a generation where it is more likely that babies are having babies more than ever, we can identify a disconnect where families are no where to be find. More and more children are being born into broken homes most likely with out a father, and with grandparents that don't support their daughter's actions. A lot of young mothers are bringing a child into the world and are set to raise him or her with out the support of others.It is very unfair and unfortunate, because everyone knows how accurate the saying is: It takes a village to raise a child. A persons family members are supposed to be their first friends, supporters, and the ultimate foundation for them to know right from wrong when they step out into the world. Family, often times means a group of people living together in a household, but to others the meaning gets much deeper. A mother is often the first person a new born child meets upon ascending out of the womb. Connections are made with the baby and his or her mother, before he or she even breathes their first breath. With this connection the baby has already experienced some form of love and affection. With women being natural nurtures, it is second nature for a baby to cling to their mom. The fresh new bond made with the mother and child, is not easily broken. As a child grows older, it is the mother that is there to instill the basic essentials in a child's life. Mothers are there to protect and always inform the child what to do in any and every situation a child may face. Mothers are often times a child's first teacher. They are there to mold a child into a responsible citizen and teach them appropriate behavior. It is their responsibility to set the foundations and establish core values a... ... middle of paper ... child a great sense of direction for their future. Having older and much wiser family member in a child's life can hugely effect that child's knowledge and sense of self. Family is very important to step in and provide life lessons the parents cannot offer. Without a strong family unit early on, the child is being set up for failure. The key to a successful future for any child's life is a strong family support system. References: Ridolfo, Heather, Valerie Chepp, and Melissa Milkie. "Race And Girls' Self-Evaluations: How Mothering Matters." Sex Roles 68.7/8 (2013): 496-509. Family & Society Studies Worldwide. Web. 13 Apr. 2014. Scott, William, Amy De La Hunt. "The Important Role of Fathers in the Lives of young Children." Parents as Teachers 1-4 (2011). Web. 11 Apr. 2014.
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