Essay About Motherhood

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The idea of motherhood is more broader than just the idea of race, class, gender, and sexuality. They are the overall caretaker of their family, they are the ones who attend to their families need. Motherhood is not always an easy thing, but an experience full of obstacles that mothers has to face. Even though, everyday of people’s lives are full of obstacles that they have to face, but mothers has to face their obstacles with themselves and families. They are not alone, they have to take the train with them and find a way to settle down. Even though there are difficult times, there are also benefits when experience the life of motherhood. Motherhood is more than just given birth to a child, it’s loving and caring for them. The connection between…show more content…
Rather, conversations turn to questions of how to manage the best part of our lives with our partners, careers and other responsibilities” (Rinaldi, “Motherhood Isn’t Sacrifice, It’s Selfishness,” The New York Times). Being able to talk to other mothers and mothers talking about other mothers, it helps to know just criticize other mothers but also help to reflect our role as a parent. “Most of the time, the experience of motherhood is not good or bad, it’s both good and bad. It’s important to learn how to tolerate, and even get comfortable with the discomfort of ambivalence” (Alexandra Sacks, “The Birth of a Mother”). Being a mother, we are always learning new things and experience different obstacles, we are always adopting especially when having another child. As Alexandra Sacks inferred, “Whether a women parents her child as her mother raised her, or adopts a different style, becoming a mother provides an opportunity for a do-over. In a way, a woman gets to re-experience her own childhood in the act of parenting, repeating what was good, and trying to improve what was not” (Sacks, “The Birth of a Mother”). When having another child, a mother has to assimilate and accommodate new techniques. Similar to how we learn, we use what we learn previously and using what we learn to develop something
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