The Junction Killer

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When I passed the house and heard her screaming I knew I was in the right place. I was walking back to my dorm with my friend Texas, when we heard our T.V. blaring. We rushed to the dorm. “Kyler turn that down! Are you deaf?” I started to say, and then I saw the room. It was a wreck and Kyler was gone Texas and I started to search the room. I found Kyler’s backpack, she never goes anywhere without it. Suddenly Texas whispered “Denver over here, come look at this.” At first I couldn’t see what she was talking about, then I saw my softball trophy lying broken on the floor and it was missing a piece! There was a small trail of blood leading out the room. I realized then that Kyler had been kidnapped! After we called the police I followed the blood trail. It led to the parking lot over to a parking space and then stopped cold. I walked back to my dorm to see of the police found anything else important. “Seems just like those kidnappings in Seattle,” said a female voice that was apparently coming from the speaker of a phone due to the strange robotic edge to it. I slowed my pace to a stop and began listening in. “Let’s hope not, all of those kidnappings ended in murder” I peeked my head in the door and saw that he was alone and my theory about the phone voice was correct. He looked like one of those old movie detectives. Long brown trench coat, brown hat, and he was using a big bulky phone. Suddenly his police scanner went off “Mitch, Mitch, downtown bank robbery, you’re needed.” I decided to walk into the room so I didn’t seem suspicious. “Did you find any leads?” I asked “Anything would help and I would really appreciate it if you found her, Kyler was my best friend” Mitch glanced at the floor and looked around the room and nodde... ... middle of paper ... ...ts and before I knew it the funeral was over. Texas and I went back to the dorm and sat in silence. Kyler was dead and all I could think about was if I had been there a minute sooner I could have saved her and she would still be here right now. ------------------ June 14th 5 months after Kyler’s death I sat there patiently waiting for the jury to reach the verdict. It had been almost 5 months since Kyler’s death I was handling it well now. I just hope that Peyton is found guilty for what he did to her. The judge walked in and the jury took their seats. “Jury what is your verdict?” said the judge “We find the defendant guilty as charged” said one man. I screamed in joy finally Kyler had justice. I walked down the stairs of the courthouse with Texas. We got in the car I looked over at Texas and smiled. We were going to be okay. THE END

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