Insurgent Chapter 29

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The next morning I wake up and it's cold next to me. I quickly awake and look around the room for Tris but there are no signs. I feel so stupid how could I fall asleep knowing Tris would do something. I notice my sweatshirt is missing. Only Tris would take that, but why would she need my shirt unless she’s heading out somewhere. I take a few deep breaths to calm myself. Thats not working so I run out the door, hoping that she's just at breakfast or somewhere in the compound. I scan the crowd for short blonde hair, but there are no signs of Tris. I race around the whole compound searching for her, but there's no signs of her anywhere. I notice Christina so I run up to her and ask her If she knows where Tris is. "Yeah. She said she was going to see her brother in Abnegation." You believed her!" I shout "You could have stopped her!" “What do you mean?” She questions. She’s must be stupid. “She must have gone to Erudite.” “Who knows? She’s most likely to be with her brother.” I head back to my room and start to think. I know I have to save Tris but I’m not going to Erudite without a plan. I start thinking of what to do and how I’m going to do it. I need a perfect plan that won’t get us both killed. My only idea is to go see Evelyn in Abnegation. *************** I take a train to Abnegation. When I jump off I see Evelyn waiting for me. She must already know what’s going on. Maybe she has further information about Tris. "I heard from our spies at Erudite that Tris turned herself in." "I’m aware of that," I say "I suppose this means to start an attack plan on them now?" she asks I nod "And get Tris back. Have your spies told you if she was alive or not?" “S... ... middle of paper ... ...o see what simulation to create for her.” I bite my lip to keep myself from saying that I know who her so called source is but that would let her know that I went to the factionless and found out he was not there. “I am delighted that you came Tobias." she says with a big smile. "It gives me a chance to solve your divergence, and even find out about other test subjects "What?" I ask. She thinks I'm going to give up other divergence in dauntless? "I am aware you know most of the factionless sectors, so that means you can map a few of them for me" I grit my teeth. "And I'm aware that you've been studying the brain anatomy and serums for most of your life giving up a social life and you still don't know how Tris and I work" "Do what you have to do. Put him in a cell, try making him talk.” I'm pushed into a cell. I groan, knowing it is going to be a long night.
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