The Journey Through The East Indies

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Oh How You 've Grown In 1596 a middle aged Dutchman sailed the seas with Portugal. The man was Jan Huyghen Van Linschoten. Van Linschoten was a Dutch merchant and historian. While traveling as a secretary for Portugal, it was Van Linschoten 's job to record information about the voyage. The evolution of European intelligence was blossoming with classification systems. Van Linschoten wrote extensive details of his findings on the journey through the East Indies. "The Hearbe called Dutros, is very common in India, and groweth in everie fielde: the leafe thereof is sharp at the ende, like the pointe of a Speare, and is indented on the edges like the leafe of Beares claw, and about that bignesse, having in it many long threedes [or veines, ingroweth] without taste, or moysture, and somewhat bitter and smelling like a Raddish. The flower or blossome of this plant is verie like unto the blossome of Rose-Marie in colour: and out of this blossome groweth a bud, much like the bud of Popie, wherein are certain small kernels like the kernels of melons, which being stamped, and put into any meate, wine, water, or any other drinke or composition, and eaten or drunke therewith, maketh a man, in such case as if hee were foolish [or out of his wittes] so that he doth nothing else but laugh, without any understanding or sence [once] to perceive anything that is done to his presence." Van Linschoten was classifying marijuana, bud, weed, Chronic, pot, Mary Jane, Gonja, the sticky icky, or more specifically hash. Although marijuana is a natural grown plant the extracts have dangerously evolved very unnaturally. Van Linschoten referred to the marijuana as being "stamped". Just eating a pot leaf does not have much effect. You could eat a large bud ... ... middle of paper ... ... and even brain damage from that exposure to that high concentration of THC,” said Gary Hill, assistant special agent in charge at the DEA 's San Diego office. This plant of our ancestors has evolved into homemade concoctions to achieve an even greater high with tremendous damaging effects. Although marijuana grew naturally out of the earth hundreds of years ago, the dangerous evolution of people extracting compounds is far from natural. The image of a caveman chomping on some pot leafs comes to mind when thinking of where marijuana came from. Maybe even envisioning some Native American smoking in a teepee builds a historical reference of marijuana origins. The idea of teenagers with blow torches and blowing themselves up is the new image of marijuana. A hospital full of brain dead burn victims is the new image of where marijuana is going.

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