The Japanese Bureaucracy

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The Japanese Bureaucracy Japanese bureaucracy has a large power towards Japanese politics. In 1955, Liberal Democratic Party is established and controlled Japanese politics as the government ruling party until 1994. This year is when Social Democratic Party of Japan took a position as the government ruling party. Still the constitution of bureaucratic politics in Japan was not changed even though a different type of political party was leading the government. However, Liberal Democratic Party began to take a government ruling position again since 1996 when Hashimoto became a Prime Minister of Japan until the resignation during this summer due to incapable deal with Asian economic crisis. In "In Defense of Japanese Bureaucracy", Peter F. Drucker argued that American policy towards Japan during Asian economic crisis are dubious even though intelligent people such as American policy makers, Japanese scholars are made with their knowledge that are related to the nature of Japanese government that is bureaucratic system. The reason is that American could not assume in a right way because American tried to defend Japanese bureaucratic system totally and this is very rare that Japan depends totally on bureaucratic system all over the world as a developed country. According to Drucker, still this is a universal custom in all developed countries including the United States. The main questions about Japanese bureaucracy are why Japan is still continuing bureaucratic politics and how Japanese bureaucracy is working. Also, how Japanese bureaucracy is different from those in the West and how Japanese bureaucratic system reflects towards all over the world as one of major powers. Japanese bureaucracy had less control of business and the economy than Europeans' counterparts in 1970s because between in the late 1960s to early 1970s, Japanese bureaucracy is failed to comply with high technology of information system. Japanese bureaucracy is failed again in the late 1980s due to the pop of "bubble" economy in Japan. The necessity to care about Japanese bureaucracy is that Japan is the second largest economic power all over the world and from this fact, the position of Japan is very important in world politics. Japan has a large influence towards world politics and economy. On the contrary, Japanese bureaucracy is successful in economically due to using protectionism. For example, the United States took a position as liberalism that is also called free trade, but Japanese government created the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and let them to control most of the foreign trade among nations.
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