The Island of Bora Bora

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Famous for its over-the-water bungalow, Bora Bora is the best island to visit for a relaxing vacation. The beautiful island’s white sandy beach and warm, blue lagoon are such wonderful attractions that Bora Bora is also known as the romantic island for many tourists. Visit Bora Bora and experience the beautiful scenery of this island.

Bora Bora is a volcanic island that is in the Leeward Island group of the Society Islands of French Polynesia. The Leeward Island group contains 9 islands, including Bora Bora itself. Its original name was Vavau which means “first born” and later on evolved to Pora Pora then to Bora Bora. This breath-taking island was first seen in 1722 by Jakob Roggeveen and was said to be sighted by many other explorers. The first person to ever visit the island was James Cook who discovered the island in 1769 and landed there in 1777. During World War II, the island was chosen by the United States as a South Pacific military supply, oil depot, airstrip, and seaplane base in response to the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Unfortunately the base was closed on June 2, 1946, leaving the airstrip as French Polynesia’s only international airport until 1960 when Faa’a International Airport was opened in Papeete, Tahiti. During that year of 1946, Polynesia and the islands of the Society Archipelago became an overseas territory of France and later in 1958 officially became French Polynesia. The island is not only surrounded by the blue lagoon but along with the garden of coral reef in the sea, therefore, today Bora Bora relies heavily on tourisms.

What to Tour:
Touring in Bora Bora, water activities are the most popular along with sight-seeing. Such things to do are shark and ray feeding, scuba divin...

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