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  • Island

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    have equal right. Hughes uses language that is used in everday life. There are no obsolete of slang words incorporated in the course of the poem. The author uses static imagery, painting a picture of an island standing alone by itself off in the distance. I see a sunny, smoothe sandy island surrounded by cal waters and a warm atmosphere. Langston Hughes uses four stanzas which are all couplets written in closed form. The rhyme scheme is an end rhyme with the pattern ab cb cd ad. This is a unique

  • The Island

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    The Island (based on Lord of the Flies) Having crashed onto this unknown island, survival seemed almost inevitable, especially after the deaths of the pilot and our English teacher Mrs. Ammon. All 15 pupils of the grade 10a had miraculously survived the crash. This led to a unity among the class, which eventually deteriorated. Everybody was in a state of shock, and it took some time for everybody to find one another. The last person to be found was Jasper Kessel, who had jumped into tree, in

  • Alcatraz Is Not An Island

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    self-determination. The documentary, Alcatraz is Not an Island, describes the occupation that made Alcatraz a symbol for Indigenous people as motivation to stand up against the cruelty that they have experienced since the arrival of the Europeans. Hence the name of the film, Alcatraz can be seen as an inspiration for Indigenous people rather than an island. The first attempt to occupy Alcatraz took place in 1964 when a group of four Native Americans landed on the island and claimed it for four hours before the

  • Ellis Island

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    Ellis Island In the 1600's, Ellis Island was known as Gull Island by the Mohegan tribe and was simply two to three acres. During high tide, the island could barely have been seen above the rising waters. After being discovered for its rich oyster beds in 1628, Dutch settlers renamed it Oyster Island. And then in 1765, which was the hanging of Anderson the Pirate, the island was again renamed the Gibbet Island, after the instrument used to hang him. Finally on January 20, 1785, Samuel Ellis purchased

  • Ellis Island

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    ELLIS ISLAND Ellis Island has a long history, was needed, and was the "Gateway to America" from 1892 until it closed in 1954, when it began its slow decay. The island was called Gull Island by the Indians and Oyster Island by the Dutch. Later the English erected a gibbet or gallows on the island for hanging criminals and so the island became known as Gibbet Island. The Indians sold it to the Dutch East India Company for trinkets. The company later sold it to Mynheer Paauw who also bought land along

  • Gilligan’s Island

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    Gilligan’s Island No inhabitants, a major tourists spot, a clear blue ocean, but no sign of the Professor, the Skipper, or Mary Ann. Can you guess where this is? You got it! Gilligan’s Island located in the beautiful South Atlantic Ocean. During Spring Break of 2003, my best friend, Danielle, and I took a flight to Orlando, Florida, a car to Fort Lauderdale, and a cruise through the Bahamas that had beautiful subtropical weather. For one day out of four during the cruise, we were able to chose

  • The Island of Aruba

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    The Island of Aruba From Aruba’s discovery at the end of the thirteenth century to present-day, its history is filled with change. Its changing possession and the three economic booms that it experienced form the outline of thousands of years. The changes the island has gone through are truly remarkable, and it is unbelievable that the island that now seems to be saturated with tourism was once a desolate landscape with little agricultural promise and economic hope. Unfortunately Aruba’s

  • The Island of Jamaica

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    The Island of Jamaica The island of Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean island. It is in a group of islands called the greater antilles. It has an area of 10 991 km squared or 4 244 sq. miles. Jamaica spans 230 km east to west and from 80-36 from north to south. It is third only to Cuba, which is the largest, and Hispaniola which is the second largest island. Jamaica lies in the Caribbean sea which is a part of the much larger Atlantic ocean. The island is 960 km south of Florida

  • Boracay Island

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    place to visit on the face of this planet; the island paradise of Boracay in the Philippines. Boracay Island combines crystal clear waters, sugary beaches that squeak, and lush hilly landscapes into an idyllic tourist haven, that's guaranteed to fascinate anyone into tranquil harmony with its simplistic beauty. Boracay is a breath-taking, unbelievably magical Island. A spectacular paradise set in the unspoiled South China Seas. Boracay Island is a paradise indeed. The beach is amazing with

  • Easter Island

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    Easter Island was once a haven for its inhabitants. It provided them with all of their needs, food, shelter, tools, and even the ability to create great works of art. They abused this Eden, and turned it into a disaster, with almost no natural resources. This could very well happen to us, because our earth is the same Eden that Easter Island once was. The people of Easter Island came over to their new land, and recognized that it was ideal for them to settle. The land was lush; the sea was providing