The Internal Conflicts of Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne

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The Internal Conflicts of Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne

In Young Goodman Brown the theme is not only centered on religious hypocrisy (falsely claiming to have certain religious morals) but also on the internal conflicts of Young Good Man Brown. A basic rundown of the story is that one fateful evening Young Good Man Brown decides to attend a meeting of the black Sabbath. On the way there he come across various people who are also on there way there .These include the devil, Goody Cloys (his catechism teacher), deacon Gookin and the local minister. At the ceremony as he is initiated into the group he sees his wife who is also a convert .He has a sudden change of heart and blacks out after telling his wife to forsake the path she was turning down. The next day he finds himself in Salem town wondering whether it was all a dream or an event that actually occurs .Eventually Young Good Man Brown dies a gloomy and bitter man as there are none he can trust seeing an s his trust had been so blatantly betrayed earlier on in his life.

The first sign of internal conflict between good and evil or rather good and curiosity in Young Good Man Brown .I say curiosity because there is the possibility that Young Good Man Brown attended the mass because he wanted to see how it was and what it was all about. As he leave shies wife Faith he is probably thinking I'll do this one wrong deed then be perfect for the rest of my life; Perfect enough he that he says "after this one night I'll cling to her skirts and follow her to heaven" (211)He is so convinced of her holine...

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...nce of evil the devil. "My Faith is gone"(216)And so it was. Here many will debate over what Faith he was referring to when he shouted this but this reference is for both the religious conviction and the most prominent religious figure in Young Good Man Brown's life. Young Good Man Brown was overwhelmed by the truth.The law of nature that states that everything is not what it seems to be hit him like a bullet to the chest.A rality check was all it took to pushh young Goodman brown over the edge.After shouting the words he then sets off through the brush at a more determined paceto the meeting.this clearly shows that by the outburst he meant that when he lost his wife Faithn to the devil he lost his faith.
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