The Influences of the Gossip Industry

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The gossip industry has become popular in the last few decades. Our society enjoys knowing about the lives of celebrities. We obsess over celebrities on gossip websites, and even obsess to the extent of stalking these celebrities. This industry has impacted our culture immensely. It has tainted our culture in several ways from creating bad role models for our children to making stalking an everyday affair; either way, the media has changed our society greatly. The gossip industry has brought new entertainment for our pleasure, but it has come with negative consequences.
Our entertainment has changed because of the media. Nowadays, tabloid magazines and gossip websites are among the top forms of entertainment. People love to read the next new article about their favorite celebrity or their favorite celebrity meltdown to watch. Before all the gossip, a lot of people actually read the newspaper to read about important things going on in our society. Now, a lot of the news is just information about celebrities instead of important information such as politics. For example, right now it would not be uncommon for the front page headline to be about Miley Cyrus’s newest antic instead of the crucial government shutdown. We are slowly losing our old ways of sincere and important information.
The celebrity gossip industry has affected our assumptions about entertainment. Usually, we assume that entertainment is just for fun, entertainment is only a reflection of our culture, and entertainment is a personal choice. Nowadays, entertainment is not just for fun. Celebrities entertain us in many ways, but sometimes we do not enjoy what they do yet we still watch them. For instance, many teen idols have had meltdowns. Although it is not fun to...

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...positive articles than the usual negative ones. Our society needs to stop the gossip industry because it is only making our culture worse. Our society is headed in the wrong direction, and if we continue on that path, our society will only suffer more in the distant future. We need to take control of our gossip entertainment because it is only becoming less entertaining and more damaging to our culture.

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In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the gossip industry has made stalking seem okay in our society. gossipers need to be more private about celebrity lives and leave celebrities alone.
  • Analyzes how the gossip industry has impacted our culture, and how it has changed our assumptions about entertainment.
  • Analyzes how the media creates bad role models for teen pop idols, such as britney spears, so they can make money off of them.
  • Cites havrilesky, heather, and traister, rebecca. "hit her baby, one more time." remix: reading and composing culture.
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