The Influence of Film During War World One

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WWI Take Home Essay
Around the 1914’s films were just being introduced and being shown as a new favorite American pastime. Before the films actually played there would be trailer and advertisements. President Wilson thought this medium would be the best time to push the ideals and views of the government. Government-endorsed films and trailers were being played across the nation as well as in other countries. Soon after the C.P.I, Committee on Public Information, was formed to brandish the gun throughout cinema. Many of the films and advertisements were shown and spread across the world, which made America the moral leader in the world during this time. The constant films influenced the attitudes of the American government by giving the desire to fight, support the war and despise the enemy.
Going off and fighting a war in some far off distance country never really applied to many men especially during the recruitment for WWI. The films and trailers were geared to give young men the mind set of going into the military and fighting for America. Since WWI was so huge America needed more soldiers; if America even wanted to stand a chance of winning. Everything about the trailers made the war seem manly, claiming how mothers could only be proud of their sons if they went into the military. The war and joining the army was often very glorified making the men think through joining the army they would receive a sense of bravery and nobility. To many people America was seen has having a “simple self-image” but since the war America was thought to be under constant threat and need to be fixed, a job for the manliest of men. Through vigorous campaigning in the films, a young man would be seen as foolish to not join the war immediately.

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...h the many advertisements the war was the only option for America to stand up and continue to be the best nation at the time.
Propaganda heavily influences a civilization in every way. The attitudes of the civilians change and sway in whatever way the Government is hoping for to make big and powerful decisions. The advertisements made during, after and before the films helped change the minds of many Americans into choosing the war over just standing still and be beat up on by Germany and Hungary. Advertisements via cinema worked so well during WWI, the propaganda was used for almost every war and still continues to this day. During WWII was the most propaganda though the cinema as well as propaganda in general though posters, slogans and campaigns was used. The government-endorsed films and trailers continue to shape and mold Americans citizens to this day.
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