The Incredible Life of Marco Polo

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How good of a book could be written in prison? Of course it’s possible, but would it be good enough to become famous and be a huge inspiration to people? Well this is exactly what Marco Polo did. He wrote a book in prison, and it was great enough to become famous. Marco had a very adventurous life and has an amazing story to tell. He did everybody a huge favor and put it pen to paper. He had his substantial times and heavy times, but the substantial times reign over the heavy tremendously.
Marco Polo didn’t have both parents around when he was growing up. He was born in 1254 in Venice, Italy to a wealthy Venetian merchant family. Venice was the center for commerce in the Mediterranean at the time (Silk Road). Marco was raised by his mother because his father and uncle were away (Hoyt). Marco was an Italian merchant traveler, and he excelled all of the other travelers in his determination, writing, and influence (Silk Road). From his travels, Marco assumed great knowledge and incredible wonder (Biography). There is one journey that he took that had a great impact on him. Marco Polo traveled through China and returned to tell about his action packed adventure.
Marco Polo’s father, Niccolo Polo, and Marco’s Uncle, Maffeo Polo, were brothers who traveled to China during Marco’s youth. They set out to travel to Asia. On their journey, they came across present-day China and explored (Biography). Marco was only six years of age when his father and uncle left for their trip (Silk Road). They were gone for about nine years. Marco was fifteen years of age when his father and uncle returned to Venice. While they were away, Marco’s mother passed away. She died before Marco was fifteen. This would be big news as the two brothers returned, b...

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...e traveled and discovered America in 1492 (Szalay). Marco Polo had a very exploratory life, and he never had a dull moment. He traveled most of his life, and returned to tell the world about his story, becoming inspiration for many.

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