The Importance of Writing Skills in the Workplace

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Writing is a medium of communication as well as speaking. Writing will convey a message via letters. People communicate it by using e-mails, article, passage and letters. All of this method is using the writing skill which affect to getting work because good writing can persuasive employers to interested in candidates and show fluency in language. Furthermore, writing also affect to work performance; in a July 2012 article, business instructor Dr. Stephanie Heald-Fisher pointed out that employers increasingly consider writing skills in not only hiring, but also promotion decisions. In contrast, the weak writing or broken writing skill will lead miscommunication and confusing between sender and receiver. Thus, people need to learn and study about writing seriously for increase their ability in using language and deal with their job in the future, especially university students because they are the group of people who will cross to working age. Writing skill will be special skill for them; such as, writing application form, resume, and cover letters. However, there are several students often using grammatical error which occurs in writing paragraph even sentences. The problem might cause from the teaching technique of teachers. According to Kuzu (as cited in Boumová 2008), “traditional view of education, where teachers serve as the source of knowledge while students serve as passive receivers”. Thus, the traditional methodology depend on teaching and learning mainly on the teacher or called the teacher-centred. Students have to obey and listen the information that teacher gives to them. Teacher only teaches the information in textbook, then receive the feedback after the students take the examination. In this method, teache... ... middle of paper ... ...s. New York: Cambridge University Press. Stenzel, J. (n.d.). A Few Thoughts on The Writing Process. Retrieved December 5, 2013 from Steve, P. (1995-2003). Writing Process - Teaching That Makes Sense! Retrieved November 27, 2013 from Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University. (n.d.). The Writing Process. Retrieved November 11, 2013 from Van Der Stuyf, R. R. (2002). Scaffolding as a teaching strategy. Adolescent learning and development, 2-13. Walter J. Lamberg. (February, 1977). Major Problems in Doing Academic Writing. Retrieved November 28, 2013 from อาภาภรณ์ จินดาประเสริฐ. มกราคม-มิถุนายน 2545. การใช้กลวิธีการจัการดูแลการเรียนด้วยตนเองเพื่อพัฒนาทักษะการเขียนภาษาอังกฤษ. วารสารวิจัย มข. 7(1). 106
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