The Importance of Vitamin D

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Getting some sun is essential to human health despite the risks of the skin cancer. There is much more benefits that come with the exposure to the sun than harm. Vitamin D that our body produces when we are exposed to the sun is very efficient in curing so many diseases. It protects from arthritis, diabetes, infectious diseases, multiple sclerosis and some kinds of cancer, just to name a few. It has been proven that the Earth’s atmosphere blocks 98.7 percent of the sun’s UV rays. The other 2.3 percent that we are exposed to, have both beneficial and harmful effects. We do need to focus on the benefits, because we have way more of them. The only harm it does to our body is skin cancer, which by being more careful we can protect from. The benefits of the vitamin D would start with stronger bones, muscles and immune system. It is also helpful to those with skin conditions, and sunlight helps our moods, people are so much happier when it is sunny outside, than if it is cloudy. It is also proven that the sunlight kills viruses and bacteria (Positive and negative effects of UV, 2008). We all know the risks that come from the UV ray exposure, but we also know that we need UV rays for our body to produce Vitamin D. A lot of people knowing that there are risks from sun exposure still like to tan, and enjoy the way they look with the darker skin. It makes us look really good and feel even better. Good to know that we are not only harming are body, but giving some benefits as well. Dr. Michael F. Hulk says “Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin for good reason”. He goes on to say “that vitamin D is not a vitamin but a hormone”. It is very unique, because it is made in the skin as a result of sun exposure. In the past we all depended... ... middle of paper ... ...tanning beds, to develop melanoma. The information that he found “showed that less than three-tenths of 1 percent tanners develop melanoma and less than two-tenths of 1 percent of those that don’t tan develop melanoma” (Christensen, 2010). Schwartz, a general internist at Veterans Affairs Medical Center said “Melanoma is pretty rare and almost all the time, the way to make it look scarier is to present the relative change, the 75 percent increase, rather than to point out that it is still really rare” (Christensen, 2010). Sunlight is the best medicine; it cures us from so many different diseases and also from depression. Even if the risk of skin cancer is a little higher with using a tanning bed or going outside, there is also another helpful reason to stay in the sun. People just have to be more careful of how much sun they get and of course don’t get sunburn.

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