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Indoor tanning is a controversial topic and has even been the subject of lawmakers in many states for at least the past ten years. Tanning is a symbol of “health and wealth” for many living in the developed countries and yet it is associated with one of the most deadly cancers known to human beings because of the chemical reaction the Ultra Violet (UV) rays at the cellular level. The research is clear that the use of indoor tanning beds can be dangerous and yet, there are some benefits of using indoor tanning beds. Research has also shown that exposure to UV radiation contributes to the synthesis of Vitamin D in the body, it also can positively boost mood, can heal certain types of skin disorders and may also be helpful for those suffering from fibromyalgia. The indoor tanning industry should make known the risks of using a tanning bed known before selling their use to people. Before one makes a decision to use a tanning bed she should be well informed of the risks and benefits.
Tanning is a symbol of having money and leisure time. In the culture today having a nice tan is considered desirable “Tanning has not always been considered desirable. In the past, tanning was often associated with outdoor manual labor and poverty. Then, in the 1920s, the designer Coco Chanel returned from a vacation on the Riviera with a deep tan. Tanning suddenly became fashionable and a symbol of wealth and leisure” (Alic). After Coco Chanel’s return everyone wanted to be tan; movie stars, politicians, models, teenagers, housewives all wanted to have a bronzed look. The rich people traveled to sunny places in the winter or used sunlamps. Ordinary people got their tans from lying out in the sun for hours. Sunburns became extremely common in this ti...

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...y. Other state laws combine various restrictions. Tanning is an important economic industry in the United States however the states regulate tanning because of various health risks and have concluded that health is more important than economy.
Indoor Tanning beds are controversial and not without risk. The positives and negitives should be told straight up when going to a tanning salon. The risk of developing melanoma skin cancer from over exposure to UVA and UVB radiation has been proven and well documented by the medical field and research. There are a few benefits of using indoor tanning beds such as a positive mood boost, healing of some types of skin disorders and in the production of vitamin D. One must be educated about the use of indoor tanning before deciding to indulge and weigh the risks and benefits before making the decision to go tanning long term.

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