The Problem With Pit Bulls By Charlotte Alter

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On June 20, Charlotte Alter posted an article on TIME website titled, “The Problem with Pit Bulls”. In her article she starts with an event that happened to a three year old little girl that was attacked by three Pit Bulls. The little girl and her family were in KFC and one of the employees asked her to leave because her face was “disrupting their customers”. Half of the little girl’s face is now paralyzed and she has also lost her vision in one of her eyes because of the three Pit Bulls that attacked her. Her grandfather killed the three Pit bulls that attacked her; however her grandfather is now facing charges of child-endangerment. KFC was so generous to donated money to the family to help with her medical bills. But yet the rant is more…show more content…
On Facebook, someone started a petition to save a Pit Bull named Mickey. Mickey got over 70,000 like on Facebook; however Mickey attacked a four year old boy named Kevin Vincente. Mickey ended up cracking Kevin’s jaw, eye socket and cheekbone. Now Kevin, a four year old boy has to go in month after month for reconstructive surgery on his face because of Mickey. The problem is no one seemed to care about helping the poor four year old boy that was attacked but they were more concerned about saving the Pit…show more content…
She explains that breed-specific sterilization would help the Pit Bull population all over the country and it would also help reduce the euthanasia usage in all shelters. 63% of Pit Bulls are put down in shelters because of the lager number of population. Others argue against it because it hard to determine which dogs are actually Pit Bulls and it is also unfair to certain dogs. Charlotte again quotes Sara saying that when you discriminate against a certain breed, you are also discriminating against the well behaved

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