The Importance of Planning and Goals when You Are and Artist

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Anything that is worthwhile in life will require some planning, whether it's for a small meal or for an important examination. Like most people, I often find it difficult to prepare, especially if I think it is a hard task to visualize. However, if I set some small achievable objectives, my final goal can be achieved in a timely matter. I want to improve myself as an artist, earn a little extra money, and make friends in the same artistic fields. For the next few months, my main objective is to become an online character designer that people will regularly come to for business and to help myself attain this goal, I have made three small and simple goals to help will me reach my destination. First, I have decided to work on my self-discipline and work ethic as an artist. I enjoy creating artistic pieces and, although not many see it as such, drawing is a very tedious and intimidating task to undertake. This causes many artists, including myself, to become lazy when producing the artwork. To fix this, I have established a system to help keep track of my commitments. A consistent sched...
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