The Importance of Learning New Languages

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change world”-(Nelson Mandela). In other words, learning is one influential way to change things. As we all know, education is essential to everyone from toddlers to adults. Yet, the amount of education differs from a person to another. The more instructions one learns, the better it gets. Many people have some confusions of why it is important to learn new information, such as new languages. One may think it is a waste of time, and others may think it would benefit that individual. It is important to learn some other languages because it develops the mind, increases job opportunities, and help understand people with other languages.
Learning a new language always plays an important role in developing the mind. As we all know, it is important to have some activities that activates the brain and keep it in good shape. One reason why learning is important is that it improves the memory. Achieve3000 (2012) indicates in the article "A Test To Remember" that the memory improves while learning. In other words, the memory of the brain does not come out good naturally. One must learn to get better. People who do not activate the process of the brain do not have the same memory as the one who reactivate it in a continuous way. In fact, every individual must work hard in order to achieve what is best for the brain.
Another reason why it is important to learn new languages is because it modifies the brain structure. Learning improves the flexibility of the brain, making it better in critical activity skills and creativity.Young people have a great capability to learn new things. For instance, children in school who learn new things from information to languages learn faster than...

... middle of paper ... increases job opportunities is that it can let a person have some jobs abroad. Some people dream in working in a specific country. In order to achieve that, one must speak the native language of that country. For instance, one may dream of working in Paris because of the amazing atmosphere. If the employee is British, learning French is essential to communicate with the citizens there. So, if the person knows more languages, it is easy to follow her/his dreams since all the requirements meet.
Foreign languages are important to those who have businesses and communicate with lots of different people. The importance of knowing several languages is substantial and significant. It has a really great impact on the brain, and other main structures. It improves almost everything one may think of. Also, it helps improving the relationships with people and job chances.