The Importance of Information and Communication Technologies in Education

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The information and communication technologies have become in all aspects of life .Over the past ten years, the use of ICTs have changed many things to business and governance. In education, TCTs have become to have attention but the influences have been narrow in other fields . Education is asocial activity and education usually has been connected with teachers having high level of personal contact with students. The use of ICTs on educations is very useful tools which does not change the function of education. Sometimes, ICTs create stress between teachers and students. However, the world moves quickly to the digital media. The role of ICTs are becoming important in education process . the important could be contenue to rise and development in the future. This paper will be suggested that ICTs are important on education process of young people nowdays .In particular, this essay will focuce on Students have grown in higher education system of many countries by use online databases .ICTs are important in education because students will be able to access remote learning resources. Teachers and students should not read and study from books and Martials that have housed in public libraries and valuable in specific place Internet and world web are a wealth of learning. This is very important for many schools and universities identified access. For examples research, profetional and peers all over world .furthermore, it contains many hundreds of books. For example Barr Smith Library in South Australia is provide to students an online directory and that allow them to read and borrow the book online. Moreover, the use of databases and public libraries grow rapidly in the system of education because students are give a lot of informat... ... middle of paper ... ...ate into any type of product for each read and write the age of the students. They can be used as a management tool to know where it connects with teachers and students with each other during the semester, or as a tool to bring reflections or outside the article to the class for the benefit of everyone. Management systems separation used more with both faculty and students to communicate information and administrative activities. There are many of the skills necessary to be educated in the college or university and that the incentive to work that was inextricably linked to the requirements of the curriculum. The same way, students gain the skills to wipe it necessary to use the technical support of academic work outside the classroom. We found a significant need for training in the use of other information technology support for learning and problem solving skills.
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