Technology in the Classroom and Why it is Needed

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Technology use in the college classroom is now beginning to become the norm with the benefits it provides. Not so long ago, technology use was prohibited in the classroom and classes were taught the conventional way: with a blackboard, eraser, pencil, and notebook. Nowadays there are clickers, smartphone apps, tablets, laptops, and even more, which have replaced the conventional way of teaching. This technology has been added to classrooms to increase student productivity and make teaching more effective and efficient. However, some people argue that this technology can serve as a distraction to the user and teacher as well. In this paper, with support from my experience and research, I will argue that technology is a useful tool in classrooms when used correctly. For example, according to Christopher Machielse in the article, “New Study Highlights 5 Benefits of Emerging Classroom Technology,” he states, “Internet technologies allow students to access information more quickly, without limiting students to just the resources available in the school’s library” (par.4). This urgent issue needs to be promoted to professors who do not use technology in their classrooms. Professors need to understand the power and benefits technology can have in teaching when added to their classroom. Students, professors, and the board of education at schools need to decide whether they are implementing enough technology in their classrooms, and if not, that they need to. Technology in the classroom vastly improves productivity, significantly lowers costs for students, and prepares students for the future. Technology has influenced the higher education world in a multitude of ways. Whether it is through emails, interactive services, social media, or... ... middle of paper ... ... "The Problem with Technology in Schools." Washington Post. The Washington Post, 28 Jan. 2013. Web. 06 Mar. 2014. Snehansu, Kumar. "Technology Increases Productivity for Students and Teachers." EdTechReview. N.p., 4 Aug. 2013. Web. 5 May 2014. . "Technology in College." Technology in College. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 May 2014. . Thompson, Van. "The Disadvantages of Technology in College." Everyday Life. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Mar. 2014. Trowbridge, Ron. "Trowbridge: Online Courses Cut Costs, Expand Options." Houston Chronicle. N.p., 14 Dec. 2013. Web. 12 May 2014. .

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