The Importance of Education and My Personal Learning Experiences

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Honestly speaking, I was an eager child to attend school. Around middle school and high school I became less focused on school and more focused on whether or not people liked me and baby sitting my mother's alcoholic boyfriend. Focusing on these things instead of my school work I ended up doing poorly in both my education and personal life. Coming from a household where neither adult had attended college it was not expected of me to attend either. Not only am I in college now but I plan on earning two degrees. The opportunity to be able to do what I love everyday can only be achieved through education. I want to advance my life and help out others at the same time. I believe people learn just how important education is in different ways. It took me a six year break from college to understand that not only did I need an education to advance further in life but I also craved the learning experience. When I started to attend college I did fantastically. I rather enjoyed my academic classes and applied my new found knowledge into my daily life. The most effective course I had taken was Freshman composition. It had unearthed my creative writing prowess and it continues to help me in my school tasks. My most memorable usage of my English writing skills was when I applied it in a creative way to my Business Law class. Two unfathomable results came from applying my knowledge which were a creative outlet and an "A" grade. Recently I have discovered that not only is managerial accounting helpful for managing finances but it can be fun too. Each problem becomes a puzzle for me to solve and I am elated every time I correctly apply my retained information. In recent years I have begun to realize how much I love to learn new things. I want ... ... middle of paper ... ...w just how expendable I am. The necessity of my education is immense. I will be the first of my family for many generations to graduate college. I almost suffered the same fate as my current and past family members in not realizing my dreams. I regret the time that it took me to realize that I longed for more out of life but somehow it put my determination into overdrive. I have both the want and the need to achieve a higher education. As I have mentioned before, even though earning my desired degrees and desired grade point average will take me a while I have the drive to do so. During college I will not only help myself but I will also have the opportunity to help others through volunteer work. I am so excited with every new class I take and I am going to continue to be excited about my career and every job leading up to it well after my degrees have been earned.
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