The Importance of a College Education: Student Essay

College isn’t easy, in fact, it’s scary. It can be somewhat intimidating, and the work may tend to have it’s overwhelming moments. We all go to college for so many different reasons. The main reason why I came to college, is to get a higher level of education. Us as students are so used to constantly being pushed to work towards a higher education such as college, but is it really worth it in the end? Is a college education worth the investment of all your precious time where you could be doing anything besides dreadful homework? Is it worth all your hard earned saved money and endless energy? Is a college degree really worth being stuck in student loan debt that you’ll be paying off for years?
What are your plans for the future? I think that most people do need a college degree. A college degree ensures you success. Having a college degree can guarantee you a job. The benefits of a college degree can’t compare to the cost of tuition. The benefits of a college degree are so good that if you think about it, they outweigh tuition cost. College can help you prepare and learn what it’s like living in the real world. College is a great experience worth having. It can also be used as a opportunity for production and growth. I believe that the road to a college degree is painful, but necessary to make a better living.
I knew that right after high-school, I would be on a new road to life. For me, college wasn’t a choice. Even though it was pushed on me by my family as I grew older, I knew myself that I wanted to be the one to help my family out and I was determined to be successful. I planned to be successful the same way that I did in high-school. By going to college, you will always have your education to fall back on no matter what i...

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...ressful. Not everyone graduates from college, so when or if you do, it’s such a great feeling. Knowing that you have an education if not anything else is one of the best feelings. Knowing that there are so many opportunities out there for you just because you put in the time and effort. You get out what you put in. College is expensive, takes a long time, requires a lot of dedication, and there seems to never be any relaxation or break time. It's all about balancing out your schedule, getting enough sleep and taking care of your business. You have to take it upon yourself to work hard in class and apply for scholarships. The price you pay to attend college, you don’t choose, but you do choose what you do with your education. Everyone’s situation is different, but that doesn’t make college impossible. With some hard work and motivation, college is definitely possible.

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