What Makes You Attrive To Success?

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My college education represents what I want my money income to be in future years ahead. Having an education is a privilege not all persons have. The biggest contributor to my success is my effort and persistence in school. I believe that in society the more educated and outgoing person you are makes you strive to success. This fall semester 2015, I proved myself that I can be an A student and that it all takes effort and dedication. I am satisfied with my grades this semester, but I know I can do better and need to improve in my management of time, test taking skills and English skills. Having an associates or bachelors does not guarantee a person a bright future. In the article, “The Major and the Job Market, The Dream and the reality,” by Mark Baurlein he explains, how a student is in debt today because of loans and does not have a job. “After graduation, he couldn’t find any steady job that would cover the bills. He now lives with his parents and mows lawns.” I believe it is all in taking the opportunities life gives you and doing the best with them. I know persons that have an associates and are not working in what they study for…show more content…
I need to improve my test taking skills by reviewing my notes and sitting in front of the classroom. In high school I did not mind much studying for a test and waited last minute to briefly review my notes I tried to that in college once and promised myself to never do it again. Some days I read the lectures before entering class it is a have to in college to have in mind what the professor is going to lecture the day of class. I want to make my test taking skills a routine in order for me to find the best way of reviewing and learning new things is practicing different review methods. For instance, I get distracted easily and my mind can start wondering quickly in nonsense subjects. When I sit in the front row of a classroom I feel more involved in what the professor is
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