The Importance Of Writing Skills In Writing

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It has been known that a human language has four skills writing , reading , speaking and listening ; Listening and reading are receptive skills, speaking and writing are productive skills. There are more seven thousands languages around the world . English language is a global language. Generally, language considers a source of communication . As writing is one of the essential skills of a language , so it is a way of communication .It is considered a tool of expression. According to Byran (1976, p. 115) writing 's purpose is to communicate the information efficiently and you have to build up your sentences correctly, to convey the meaning in clear picture . In other words , Byran (1976, p. 13) states that a good writing has elementary principles which are" grammar, punctuation, sentence structure , pronoun usage and effective writing style."Technical professionals need to master many different types of communication ,both oral and written".(Huckin and Olsen, 1983,p. 11) .It might seem that it needs to more work on basic writing skills. Writing in the first language is not easy as a good writing requires good grammar and good organization . Writing is a kind of production the language. "People often believe that writers have some special…show more content…
Building up the writing ability of students will affect positively on the other language skills (speaking ,reading and listening). . Friedlander mentions that ' ' ESL teachers have emphasized the need for ESL writers to think and write as completely as possible in English".( Second language writing ,1990, p. 109). Writing is a significant component whereas students use it in notes, emails ,exams , and the future life for the job. .Therefore, the importance of this study lies in showing the ways and methods required in a paragraph writing

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