The Importance Of Worship

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There are many facets of a relationship with God. They can be known in the Christian community as disciplines. Worship although identified as a Christian discipline is more about relationship, love and honour to the Father. It is the topic that will be discussed through out this paper.

Summarise your original understanding of the discipline before the course started

Worship is about honouring the Father. Taking your sight off of yourself and setting them on God. Re-aligning your heart with God as Lord of your life. Giving Him love by praise for all He is and all He has done in. Worship is an invitation to God to do all He wants with us, as response to the Holy Trinity. It is our way of showing God we desire only Him and all He is. Worship positions us to receive and respond to the Holy Spirit moving and inviting.

A Significant Christian figure in history who has contributed to this discipline

Brother Lawrence looked at Mundane routine, as worship onto
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My church had extended worship one particular service, the Holy Spirit was so tangible in the room that we all were on our knees in complete surrender to God. There was such a shift in the atmosphere of our church in complete surrender to god and within my hear as I began to lay things at the cross that I’d been holding so dear, for I only desired and desire Jesus.

Reflection on original ideas

I now have a full understanding that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are in a perfect balance of love, that worship through honour is an invitation for me to be a part of that. Worship is our way of showing God how much we love him, but more than that it is our acceptance to be immersed in that love from the Holy Trinity. I used to think it was more about giving God praise, while it is, it’s even more about entry way for the Father to love on his children .

Encouraging the practise of this
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