Rites Of The Catholic Church

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The Catholic Church is a liturgical church. The word liturgy means service which is a formal ritual to demonstrate ones faith. There is a liturgy going on every 4 minutes in the world. During a liturgy there are 4 major parts Introductory Rites which has the penitential act, Liturgy of the word which has the Gospel Acclamation, Liturgy of the Eucharist which has the Eucharistic Prayer, Concluding Rites which has the greeting and blessing. Sacraments are a major part of the Catholic faith. The Latin word sacramentum means a sign of the sacred. Then seven sacraments are ceremonies that we as Catholics do to experience Gods saving presence. Sacraments are both signs and instruments of God’s grace. Baptism is one of the sacraments; it is usually the first as it is the first step into the journey of being a Catholic. It doesn’t matter if you are an adult or child this sacrament takes away original sin. The Eucharist is known to the common as communion. It is the body and blood of Christ from the last supper. The first communion is celebrations were a person takes the Eucharist for the first time. It is where we are nourished and closer to God spiritually. Reconciliation is another Catholic sacrament where we confess our sins. Confirmation is a Catholic sacrament of an educated mature Catholic. It is where we confirm our faith, known as the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Marriage known as Holy Matrimony is a sign where two people become one. Holy orders are when a priest is ordained and vows to carry on the Catholic tradition by using the sacraments. Anointing of the sick is the last sacrament or last rites. It is for people who our dying or mentally sickness. The pope is the successor to St. Peter and has the key or authority for the kingd... ... middle of paper ... ...l teachings of Jesus. They were handed down thru the apostles and the disciples. For 400 years there were no teachings of Jesus in the New Testament. Jesus’s followers passed down the teachings orally for that time. They consider oral tradition to be inspired as well as the bible. Protestants do not believe in sacred tradition due to the conflict with sola scriptura. There is a close communication with sacred tradition and scriptures. They both follow the teachings along with God’s word. Devotion is one way to practice your faith. The Catholic tradition has many devotions from honoring the blood of Christ to the blessed virgin marry. There are many tools for devotion. One of the tools is the rosary which is ordered prayers. One other is a scapular which is worn by the Carmelites for Mary’s promise. Stations of the Cross is a devotion to God and Jesuses sacrifice.
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