The Importance Of War Essay

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War has been a prominent phenomenon that can be seen throughout the history of mankind, and it has been used as a tool by people in order to fulfil their needs. It is influential in reaching a peaceful resolution, and it acts as a refresher because without it society would be in chaos. War has allowed great empires, like the Napoleon Empire, to flourish and prosper, and has caused great empires, like the Roman Empire, to fall. War is needed in order to maintain a healthy and stable society. It is beneficial to the strength and socialization of a society, the health of its people, the productivity of the economy, and it can be used to force social changes and call for justice. War and confrontations in general are very beneficial to the socialization…show more content…
If enough people stand up for a certain cause and start a revolt, it could begin a civil war that could change the face of that nation forever. Take for example Toussaint Loverture, he was a revolutionist that helped kick-start a movement to end slavery in the French Colonies. With the help of the rebel soldiers under his command, Toussaint was able to defeat the French and abolish slavery in the colonies located in Haiti. After his triumphant victory he managed to create a stable agricultural based economy, and he was able to persuade former slaves to work the fields again but as paid workers. Another example of war changing society would be the Civil which was fought because sates’ rights. The southern states wanted to “assert their authority over the federal government so they could abolish federal laws they didn 't support, especially laws interfering with the South 's right to keep slaves and take them wherever they wished.”(Causes of the Civil War) The northern states on the other hand wanted to abolish slavery throughout the nation, and as a result of the northern state’s victory slavery was slowly abolished. If it wasn’t for the Civil War the northern and southern parts of America may have been two different nations instead of unified which would leave its people unhappy. In order to achieve change the members of a society must bring the issues that are oppressing them into the open in order to be resolved. In the essay “The Future is Now” Katherine Anne Porter states that “This paradoxical creature has committed all of these extravagance and created all these dangers and suffering in a quest-we are told-for peace and security”(Oates Carol Oates) For most major issues, they cannot be resolved without military use which is why war is so important when it comes forcing
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