The Importance Of Undeciding A College Major

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WHAT’S your major? This question is becoming harder for students to answer, for many, the answer is simple. There are people who have always known what their real passion is, but many have no answer to this question or maybe they are undecided. A great portion of college students in today 's 21st-century struggle with choosing a college major and deciding on a career path. An undecided student is someone who has not yet chosen a field of study.
Undecided students can experience lots of anxiety and stress about what their future holds and can even make students feel isolated from their peers, who already picked a major and know what they want to do once they graduate. Making a decision about a college major and career path is one of
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However, some students that are still unsure of what they want to study only just pick a major just to alleviate some of the pressure they are currently experiencing. Excuses like "I need a major to get earlier registration" or "Everyone has a major, so I need one too" are also heard on a routine basis. Nevertheless, both of those common excuses are false. If you are unsure of what you want to major in, it is much more productive to arrive at college as an undeclared student. Being an undeclared student grants you multiple opportunities in exploring careers and majors that cannot be taken advantage of by declared students. Being an undeclared student can be a smart choice as it can help students explore

multiple career paths without making a significant commitment and it can prevent them from

making a wrong choice. Moreover, selecting a major may seem like a huge deal, but in reality,

many people end up in a career entirely different than their major. Another point that needs to be

mentioned is that your major does not have to dictate what you do as a career for the rest of your

life. This is an idea that many college students (not just undeclared students, by the way) do
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