The Importance Of Tourism In Singapore

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Tourism is a social, cultural and economic signs which involves the movement of people going to countries or places outside their normal environment for leisure, business and other purposes. Tourism industry is an industry which its activities produce tourism characteristics products ("World Tourism Organization", 2014). Some of the products are accommodation services, transportation services, food and beverage serving services, travel agency services, recreational services and etc. Singapore is known as one of the most developed countries where its residents enjoy a very high standard of livings ("Singapore Profile", 2014). In addition, it is deemed as one of the world's most prosperous places and safe havens for foreign investors. Tourism has been playing a very important role in the economy of Singapore. This is because Singapore is a small country whereby natural resources are limited. Tourism has become one of the major contributors in Singapore's gross domestic products. At the same time, it enhances the status of Singapore as a vibrant country in the world ("About STB", 2014). In addition, tourism also attract foreign investors while high quality and various leisure choices also create a good living environment for its residents. One of the advantages of tourism for Singapore is that it generates high revenue for Singapore. On the other hand, it also creates jobs opportunity for the workforces. However, tourism has also brought challenges for Singapore such as loss of culture in order to meet needs of tourists and limitation of land usage. As mentioned above, tourism plays an essential role in the economy of Singapore. Tourism has increased the sales of numerous industries which involve in tourism activities. On the oth... ... middle of paper ... ...f additional jobs that increases employment rates. However, Singapore is also facing challenges from its tourism activities. Challenges such as pollutions, loss of revenues and culture. The increase in number of tourists, littering will inevitably increase which will further lead to sewage issues. Meanwhile, the use of transportation such as airplanes, land and sea transport will increase gradually. Hence, this will lead to further pollution. On the other hand, having more tourists in Singapore, lifestyle and culture of local residents might be influenced as adaptation is bound to meet the needs and desires of tourists. Lastly, Singapore is in need of manpower which government has been trying to attract foreign talents to come in. This will also cause a leakage in the economy as incomes earned by foreign employees will ultimately go back to their home countries.

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