The Importance Of The Discourse Community In The Digital Discourse Community

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INTRODUCTION As a student at San Jose State University (SJSU), I understand that it is very hard for students to change their field of study. If science students want to change to art majors, they may have to start over because each field has specific skills and requirements. Therefore, it will take a lot of time to build them again, especially the discourse community. From the handout, “Preparing for the DI”, a discourse community is “a group of people who share specialized uses of language that enable them to participate in working, playing, studying, or socializing for a common purpose” (Judnick). In other words, each area has its own language and rules that distinguish it from any other communities. For instance, the language uses…show more content…
Art is something strange and even meaningless in my family tradition. I am from a family of the medical discourse community. Most of my family members have medical degrees. Therefore, they hoped that I could follow the family tradition. However, I chose to follow my dream. According to the book, East Eats West, by Andrew Lam, he mentioned ““America will tell you to look out for number one, to think for yourself […] follow your dream … take care of yourself first … you cannot make anyone else happy if you don’t love yourself” (45). I have to make myself happy before helping and satisfying other people. Therefore, I chose to continue my education in the Digital Media Art (DMA) field because I love technology and art. I believe that I will do well in this profession. Art is created for many reasons, and art can be beautiful, frightening, or provocation (Barrio). In order to explain the discourse community of Digital Media Art, I will use the interview that I had with Ms. A, a professional artist in Graphic Design, and some other research articles. I will include the background and experience, career path, and writing and communication skills of an artist. Also, I will conclude into my writing what surprised me during the interview and what I need to do to make my goal real in the

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