The Importance Of The Code Of Society

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In today’s society, it is normal for people to defy society’s codes. However, it was a bit difficult in the societies of James McBride and Minerva Mirabel. Because of the era and area that they both lived in, it was troublesome to defy the considered “norms” in their societies. For James McBride, he lived through a time where racism and segregation was prominent in every area of the United States. Minerva lived through the time of a patriarchal society, which limited her rights as a woman. The established codes of society affect the characters’ lives by creating situations where the characters would rebel against or step outside the boundaries of the set code. The value of family was very important for both of their societies. In the Mirabal family, no matter what one of the family members did, they learned to forgive each other, and with that forgiveness, it strengthened the code of family. However there are some examples that display how the characters are able to defy that code. Minerva knew that her father had an affair and drove to the house of his mistress to find…show more content…
“I turned into the dirt patch and crashed into the Ford, making the bumper curl up and shattering the window in the back. Then I came down on that horn until he appeared, shirtless and furious in the doorway”(Alvarez 88). The fact that she did not trust her father and followed him to where he was, is an example of rebellion. Another way this can be seen as rebellion is how she reacted at that moment. She crashed into her father’s expensive car and later when her father comes home, her father tries to discipline her, demanding for more respect, but Minerva rebels again by claiming that he does not deserve her respect. Another example can be seen in The Color of Water. Ruth McBride, James McBride’s mother, abandoned her family for the sake of love. Her parents believed in the

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