The Importance Of Strategies For Employees

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Organization goes through a selection process before they decide to hire the best candidate for the job position. After the employee has been selected, it is also important for the organization to motivate their employees. Employee motivation is essential to the organization because it can help the organization achieve its success. In order for any organization to motivate their employees, the organization develops various motivation strategies. Motivation strategies may include rewards from employee incentives, prices or promotion.
1. Although there were some legal ramifications for what Hooter’s did, do you think they did to the waitress was also unethical. I strongly believe that what Hooter’s did to motivate the waitress was unethical. The Hooter’s management’s decision to lie to their employees in order to increase profit was just wrong. The employees were highly motivated because the price to win a new automobile was a large extrinsic rewards. “Extrinsic rewards are the physical ones that come from an external source (employers) only. A properly designed extrinsic reward can also be emotionally attached with the employees as employees value such rewards.” (Maharjan,
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What do you think about the motivating strategy of allowing employees to rip off the shirts of other employees? Is humiliating employee ethical?
This all depends on how each employee feel about this type of motivating strategy. As for me, I will never participate in this type of motivation strategy. I strongly believe that ripping off someone’s shirt just to win a steak dinner is humiliating. Additionally, it is unethical to humiliate any employee. However, not everyone may feel the same way as I do. I am not aware of how this company communicated this type of motivation strategy to their employees, but since it was successful, it seemed that the employees agreed to participate in such insane competition.
4. Is it ethical to promise money or other compensation to students for studying

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